Per Procedure Rental

Per procedure rental of our lasers and surgical equipment consists of the equipment, certified technician, instruments, glasses, laser safety signs, and all completed laser logs and forms. When scheduling, our customers are given a reservation number that confirms the requested date, time, and equipment. Once scheduled, the technician assigned to the procedure will call the day before the scheduled surgery date to confirm the start time and procedure information. On the day of surgery, our technicians will arrive in the O.R. at least one hour prior to the scheduled start time, having checked the equipment into the hospital per the customers’ bio-med protocols. (Should sterile instruments be needed as part of the rental, we will work within the policies and procedures of the customer’s SPD in order to comply with sterilization protocols.) During the procedure, our technician will program and enable the laser / equipment, maintain safety protocols, and act as the hospital’s laser safety nurse during the procedure. At the conclusion of the procedure, On Call will provide a completed laser log, along with other necessary paperwork.

On-Site Rental

On Site rentals enable the equipment to be housed at the hospital / surgery center 24/7. This program allows the customer unlimited use of the equipment at either a “per procedure” or flat monthly fee rate. In addition to the cost savings when compared to a per procedure rental, this program allows the flexibility of renting versus purchasing. Our fastest growing program, it is designed to allow hospitals with high usage volumes, but no capital equipment budget available, the ability to have the benefits of ownership, without such hidden costs as maintenance, obsolescence, and depreciation. Typically, this program allows the customer to return the equipment with no penalties should their needs change, adding to its growing appeal. This program is available throughout the United States.


On Call Surgical is pleased to be a distributor for some of the top laser manufacturers. Please contact us at (913) 269-5273 for information about new and used laser purchases.

Technician Rental

Occasionally, hospitals who own a laser have the need add a laser nurse due to staffing issues or unfamiliarity with the equipment. On Call Surgical can provide a certified laser technician that will set up, program, and enable the laser, maintain laser safety, and complete all laser logs.