MRI / TRUS Fusion Biopsy Increases Prostate Cancer Detection

For the first time since the 1980’s, urologists have a better prostate imaging technology to more accurately diagnose and treat their patients with prostate cancer. MRI / TRUS Fusion helps improve the prostate biopsy procedure by targeting specific, suspicious areas of the prostate. This results in a more accurate diagnosis and better treatment decisions.

MRI Fusion Software Rental

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Create a Precise Roadmap Straight to Targeted Areas for Biopsy

MRI / Fusion software is a flexible, advanced navigation platform that captures specific data and biopsy information for staging prostate cancer and determining the best clinical path and treatment course. Its simple workflow makes it easy to use, and the easy import and export of data optimizes workflow between urology and radiology.

MRI scans are “fused” with real-time ultrasound imaging

Radiologists conduct an MRI scan, producing high quality images of the prostate. The radiologist contours the prostate and regions of interest.

A three-dimensional model of the prostate is created, mapping suspicious areas for biopsy

MRI scans are uploaded to the MRI fusion software. The urologist uses ultrasound to view the prostate, while a technician matches the ultrasound images to the contoured areas.

Biopsy needles are aimed directly at areas of concern

The urologist guides biopsy needles to specific areas and takes samples from the prostate. Previously identified suspicious areas are targeted with an approximately 50% greater success rate compared to the random biopsy method.

Prostate biopsies with MRI fusion software are performed:

  • In minutes
  • In a comfortable outpatient clinic setting under local anesthesia
  • With techniques familiar to urologists for several decades

The 3-D model of the prostate that is created by using the fusion software allows for a more accurate diagnosis and leads to better treatment options.

5 Ways MRI Guided Fusion Biopsy is Changing the Way Urologists SEE Prostate Cancer

  1. MR images are clearer and more detailed than ultrasound alone, which provides enhanced visualization for the radiologists to precisely identify and mark the regions of interest.
  2. Creates a 3D map of the prostate which allows the urologist to accurately pinpoint and sample suspicious regions of the prostate.
  3. Improves the ability to make better treatment decisions based on a more accurate diagnosis. Allows urologists to identify patients who need a more aggressive treatment, as well as avoid performing unnecessary surgery.
  4. Biopsy records in the software allow the urologist to return to the same areas and resample over time to determine if cancer is quick or slow growing.
  5. Increase patient retention, with many patients having been diagnosed with prostate cancer typically remaining with the diagnosing doctor for ongoing care and treatment.

On Call Surgical: Industry Experts in Prostate Biopsy Solutions

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