About Us

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About Us

On Call Surgical was founded in 1996 by Tom Feiden. Since its beginning, which consisted of one laser, two customers, and a van, we have grown to include over 60 lasers, ultrasound units, and other surgical equipment offerings, as well as a team of over twenty technicians and support staff. We now provide per procedure rental services from Michigan to Texas throughout the Central U.S. In addition, our “on-site” rental and sales programs allow us to serve customers throughout the United States with a variety of lasers that do not require a technician. All of our growth to date has been organic, and is a result of our philosophy of growing our business one customer, one procedure at a time.

Our team members are from a variety of backgrounds, but share one common trait, which is a desire to serve others. This can be seen in many ways, such as calling the day before a scheduled surgery to confirm start times, arriving over one hour prior to the scheduled start time, dressing and conducting themselves professionally,  their industry leading procedure and product knowledge, and lending a helping hand to nurses and staff in the operating room.

In turn, our company provides an environment where professionalism and service to others is both recognized and rewarded. It is one reason why we have had only two employees leave our company in the last seven years.

With shrinking capital equipment budgets delaying purchases, combined with new, emerging technology that is needed now, On Call Surgical has a variety of programs that enables our customers to access new technology when they need it – now. Over 60% of our revenue is generated from products that were not available to the U.S. market as little as three years ago.

So if you have a need for state-of-the art technology, combined with outstanding service, contact us 24/7 at (913) 269-5273. We’re On Call.